Get The Facts About Claritin

Claritin, once only available by prescription, is now available as a prescription strength, over the counter medication. Claritin is an antihistamine that is used to combat allergy symptoms. Many allergy sufferers prefer this medication to other antihistamines because Claritin is non-drowsy. Those taking the allergy medication do not have to worry about side effects such as drowsiness or adhere to restrictions that come with many antihistamines such as avoiding heavy machinery or driving.

Claritin comes in four different forms:

Children’s Claritin

RediTabs are a fast dissolving, twenty-four hour form of Claritin that is taken by mouth and dissolves on the tongue. Though the results are not as fast as it dissolves, this form is much more convenient for many people, especially parents of children six or older that are particularly difficult to administer medication to, are too old for the liquid form, or are simply just not ready to swallow pills.

Claritin-D is a non-drowsy, twenty-four hour or twelve-hour form of Claritin with a decongestant. This formula is for those suffering from sinus pressure and nasal congestion, along with other symptoms of allergies.

The original Claritin is among the most popular allergy medicine around. Doctors have prescribed this medication for allergies suffers for years and now many people enjoy the same strength in an over the counter form. This is available for children aged 6 through adult.

Children’s Claritin is for allergy suffers two years old and older. It is also a twenty-four hour dosage and works well to provide allergy relief for even the tiniest little ones suffering from allergies.

Allergy sufferers usually experience watery and itchy eyes, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, and sometimes hives. This is where Claritin comes in, however, even though the medication is generally safe, there are some precautions that you should take. For example, if you currently have kidney or liver disease you may still be able to take the medicine just in lower doses.

You should be aware of some side affects that may occur. Some common side effects include sleepiness, headaches, fatigue, and dry mouth. Even though it is a non-drowsy formula, older adults and those suffering from kidney or liver disease may experience excessive sleepiness.

Furthermore, while Claritin is relatively safe to take with other medications you should talk to your physician or pharmacists about possible interactions with Nizoral or Tagamet.

Overall, Claritin is an allergy medication that is taken by millions of sufferers on a daily basis, to keep their lives allergy-free. The original Claritin works best if taken on a every day basis, this keeps the allergy medicine flowing through the body, combating symptoms as you enjoy the day, work, or go to school.

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Student Health Vitamins

What is a college student to do if they have back to back finals but they can’t seem to keep their eyes open from studying? Anyone could say the usual, ‘he or she should have studied harder or they had an entire semester to study.’ The student has so many options to stay awake such as no-dose and the usual10 cups of coffee from the local caf with extra shots. But these options could back fire. The best advice is to eat right, exercise and take a muli-vitamin.

Vitamins can help a student as they prepare to face the world and the many pressures it brings. The worst thing for a student to experience is a bad cold or a virus during finals. All the cold and flu medicine in the world will not cure in time for the finals, especially if it is only a couple is a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants that can combat sickness and infection.

All students should be warned about taking good care of their bodies all year round. It is very annoying to hear someone coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, especially taking a test that can affect ones future. The following information is a listing of healthy vitamins.

A person who has a proper balanced diet and takes vitamins will be more alert and productive than someone who neglects taking care of their health. It is guaranteed that a person who is in school full-time and in the midst of a crash study course is more likely to either do poorly or mediocre on their exams. They are also more than likely to be short tempered to anyone. The best thing to do is prepare and plan ahead of time so that you have adequate time to study.

Vitamin C ensures good health and immunity. The VC is an excellent supplement for those with colds. Vitamin E also improves a persons overall bodily health as well as heart and immune functions. The following information contains a few tips on how to properly use vitamins.

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